How To Fix Thick Toenails

How To Fix Thick Toenails

The small nails at the tip of your toe are made of keratin that save the soft tissue of the nail bed under them from the daily wear and tears. However, as most people mature into middle age, they find their nails either breaking down or thickening up.

What causes thick toenails?

Thick toenails are mostly symptoms of another infection or pre-existing medical condition. Toenails most commonly thicken due to a fungal infection that mostly thrives in wet environments known as onychomycosis: however, diabetes, psoriasis (an autoimmune disorder), impaired circulation, yellow nail syndrome, paronychia (a skin condition), genetics, smoking, injury and something as seemingly harmless as excessive exposure to water or constricting shoes can be the reason behind your thick toenails. Thick toenails are also prevalent among the elderly because the nail cells keep piling up. Thick toenails can also result from running and thus the athletes are on the risk factor.How To Fix Thick Toenails

When do you need to worry?

Thick toenails may go unnoticed at first but you might want to pay attention as the symptoms of worsening toenails become obvious. The indicators may include breaking, cracking or lifting of toenails easily. If you notice their appearance becoming scaly with brown, yellow or green shade and a poor odour coming from your toenails, it may be time for you to be concerned.

How to Fix Thick Toenails?

As the toenails thicken over time, they may start causing you inconvenience and you might go searching for ways to fix your thick toenails so we’ve got you covered.

To fIx your thick toenails, you can opt for several culturally typical day to day home remedies. ThIck toenails fIxing includes the following methods.

Cleaning your toenails with soap and water.

Cleaning your toenail with soap and water on a regular basis can vastly improve the situation of thick toenails. Furthermore, it can aid in relieving the situation as much as possible. Another benefit of cleaning your nails with soap and water is that it helps in reducing the fungus buildup around your nails that ultimately causes bad odour.

Consistently Grooming Your Toenails.

You should groom your nails frequently to prevent your toenails from outgrowing past where your toe ends. Before you trim your nails, soften your nails with urea cream and use disinfected nail clippers for thick toenails and nail files to trim your nails.

Keeping Your Feet Dry.

Ideally, you should always keep your feet dried. Dry your feet after cleaning them, change your socks throughout the day, choose shoes that breathe and not make your feet sweaty, adjust your shoes and socks a couple times a day and relax your feet from them when you don’t necessarily have to wear them. You may also need to consult a doctor in case your problem outgrows, 

Note: This article is in no way a medical advice nor a prescription. Consult with your doctor or a medical professional before following any of the listed tips or medications. The author or the publication is in no way liable of the damages associated thereof.

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